Halogen Spotlight HL 2000

Universal Halogen Spotlight HL 2000


  • Non-drift unit with 360 direction.
  • Convenient to dismantle & reassemble.
  • Lamp Head is compact & detachable.
  • Portable and Transportable.
  • Shock-Proof & energy saving Halogen bulbs with minimum 500-1000 hours life.
  • Light Intensity of 1250 Foot candles at 16 inch diameter


⦁ Available in Floor Stand Model  HL 2000 12V 50W/12V 100W and Wall mounted Model.
⦁ It brings out true tissue colour also assures consistently long lasting bright Illumination
⦁ Light is kept at 3400 Kelum(K) to further enable identification of true tissue colour.
⦁ Halogen Light will light up even at Low Voltage.
⦁ It can be fitted with Imported/Indian halogen bulbs easily available in the Market or form us.
⦁ This works to Pinpoint accuracy level since the lamps has very goog flexibility in many direction.

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