Manual hand vaccum cup

Hand vacuum cup for manual delivery

  • Negative pressure achieved for minor gynaecological procedures.
  • Suction pressure can be visually seen & controlled manually by a hand pump.
  • No electricity is required hence can be moved to any place.
  • Specially used in remote areas where electricity is an issue  
  • Supreme silicon rubber mixed medical product
  • This vacuum suction cup could assist and shorten the second stage of labour in occipital delivery
  • Minimize the risk of traumas, cephalohematoma and forceps delivery.
  • The soft suction cup allows for easy insertion and facilitates an excellent vacuum seal.
  • The soft-cup can protect and decrease the possible danger of damaging the fetus' head.
  • A black guideline is designed for positioning reference
  • The handle and valve assemblies are manufactured of abs body.
  • The shaft has three moulded ridges to facilitate a firm grip
  • This vacuum suction cup is designed to withstand appropriate repeated use and cleaning procedures.
  •  Metal handle made of brass and coated with nickel for long life.
  • Cup size - small, medium & large.


Silicon vaccum cup

The Silicon Cup can produce expulsive force in a more natural way, enabling simultaneous performance of rotation and traction. Version Forceps are certainly powerful, but at the same time may greatly affect the soft birth canal and foetal head. "Finger Forceps" lack traction power, but it has been favored as a safe tool because of its controllability based on the fingers tactile sensation of pressure on the foetal head

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