Bovie battery cautery

Bovie Battery Cautery high temperature


  • It is used to remove small Varicose growths, Papillomas, Warts skin tags, DPN/ vaginal and vulval warts etc.
  • Destruction of Pathological growths and for the Coagulation of blood vessels by using the heating tip as well.
  • WIRELESS, Handy, Light Weight. easy to handle since it is shaped like a pencil.
  • Owing to low cost and operational possibilities it can be used as a complement to high-frequency electrocautery.
  • Straight or Curved operating tips for everyday use.
  • Made in the USA.
  • CE 0413 certified.



  • Tip Temperature - 700-degree celsius
  • Tip Length - 30mm
  • Power Source - 2.4V - 3V
  • Operating Tips - Straight or Curved
  • Extra Length - 115 mm can be provided if required.
  • An added feature of replaceable AA batteries
  • Fine & Loop type tip replaceable.
  • completely safe.

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