Radio Frequency Cautery ( RF Cautery )

RF Cautery


  • Power Input 220Volts + 5%.
  • Power consumption 150watts.
  • Frequency 2MHz.
  • Maximum Output.
  • HF Monopolar 150watts on 400-ohm load.
  • HF Bipolar 100 watts on 100-ohm load.
  • Coagulation 100watts on 1000 ohm.


  • Oculo plastic surgery
  • Orbital Surgery
  • Skin Tags, warts, corns
  • Hair restoring surgery
  • Spider vein removal
  • Resurfacing vicious sears
  • Development of skin flaps
  • Resection of mucosa
  • Membrane defects
  • Tongue lesion removal
  • Forehead lift
  • Ablation of keloides
  • Lesion removal
  • Face lifts
  • Nipple Reduction
  • Crown lengthening
  • Flap surgery
  • Gingiveo Plastry.

RF Cautery Foot pedal

Single pedal Food Switch is used with Radiofrequency cautery, Byfricator and Wet field bipolar cautery, Double pedal Foot Switch is used with surgical diathermy.


 MATERIAL: - high-quality magnetic steel.

 CABLE length: - 3meters.

 CABLE MATERIAL: - 40/36 copper 2 core wires with high-quality P.V.C material.


 CONTACT MATERIAL: - high-quality MICRO switch.

 Without connector OR with a connector on demand.

RF Cautery Probe

Shock proof Imported pencil type probe.

RF Cautery Electrodes

  • Electrode Size Available In: 1/16 (Standard). & 1.2mm (Special).
  • Material: Stainless Steel (316, Quality, special Surgical Steel).
  • A high-frequency current flows through active electrode ( AC source)
  •  Cell ruptured-fumes or evaporates
  • Return-path through Dispersive Electrode
  • The patient is included in the circuit
  • High-resolution backlit LCD display of minimum 8” (diagonally) screen size
  • Displays SpO2 values, PR, plethysmograph along with perfusion level indicator
  • Online graphical trend.
  • Triangle Shape
  • In 4,/6,/8,/10,/12, mm (O.D) Loop.
  • Straight Pointed.
  • Pointed Band.
  • Ball Point.
  • Diamond Shape.
  • Customized shape also available

RF Cautery bipolar forceps with cable

Bipolar forceps are meant for electrosurgery cautery machines physiotherapy and other applications. these are available in all the range sizes and dimensions for different surgeries and different shapes like a bayonet, straight and crape or tendon shapes for all surgeries.

RF Patient plate ( Inactive pad)

  • Patient plate offered by us is extremely durable and easy to use.
  • Size: - 6 inch length / 4 inch breadth.                                                
  • Material: - high-quality surgical steel. (certified / branded).
  • Thickness/gags: - 0. 3 mm (or made to order according to the Gage).
  • Jack pin inserting size: - 5/32 (4 mm).
  • Block material: - electro brass (special electro material).
  • Pecking: - Plastic PVC Bag.
  • Safety mode: - there will be no edge on any part of the stainless steel plate which will damage (hurt) the patient.
  • Easy to use: - apply conductive gel y or deep the cotton cloth in the salted water and cover it for a safe side which will increase the conductivity and also it will not hurt the patient.

RF cautery Forceps

Multi-size and shape RF cautery stainless steel forceps.

Extra hand switch electrodes set

Extra electrodes with multiple shapes.

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