Mini Cryo Gun

LNC 500 ml

Liquid Nitrogen for the treatment of skin tumours, skin tags and malignant basal cell carcinoma and the majority of dermatologists have adopted and can be treated by simple freezing using liquid nitrogen cryo spray. Skin tags usually shrivel up and fall off within a few days of freezing.


  • The minimally invasive procedure that uses an extremely cold liquid or instrument to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue that requires elimination.
  • It requires about 1/3 time required by co2 snow or N20 to achieve the appropriate degree of freezing because of the relative temperatures(-196°C compared with -79°C)
  • It can be applied directly by spraying the gun.
  • No form of anaesthesia is required for freezing`; it can be carried out single-handed and with no scarring results.
  • It starts freezing instantly because liquid nitrogen is released directly on the internal metal probe wall which contacts the lesion.
  • Portable and can be used in any consulting room.
  • Complete haemostasis and high patient acceptance. A good number of lesions can be treated at a time.
  • Carcinoma and skin tumours can be treated. Easy to operate and no sterilization is required to the tool or tips.

LNC 300 ml

LNC-300ml has similar features as that of 500ml version except storage capacity and bit lighter than 500 ml version.

Cryo Can BA-3

Storage Material : Liquid Nitrogen
Container Type : Open Top Container
Capacity : 3.0 Liters
Material  : Metal
Model : BA 3

Cryo Can BA-1.5

Storage Material : Liquid Nitrogen
Container Type : Open Top Container
Capacity : 1.5 Litres
Material  : Metal
Model : BA 1.5

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