Magna vision

Magnavision WF 145-6X FS

Special Features

  • Imported circular white light tubing around the lens for better visualisation and cool light that keeps patients comfortable and operating staff free from fatigue.
  • Unique spring-loaded swing arm X, Y, Z directions downswing rotatable movements the adjustment is spontaneous.
  • Knob covers are silicon autoclavable for adjusting/focussing to the area of operation.
  • The lens is highly resistant to all acidic cleaning material and hence has an unlimited life.
  • 6x magnification lens with 250mm working distance and 500mm total viewing distance.
  • 145mm field (viewing area/operating area) operated by 220V - 240V AC(+/- 10V) choke. The advantage being it can be easily repaired at any place
  • Operate simply by connecting to A/C plug point.
  • Switch on the control box and press the starter for an instant glow.

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