SLE Binocular Loupe

  • Multi-coated High-grade Lenses produce crisp & clear images.
  • The Loupes will employ eyepiece of very large view field diameter. The depth of focus is deep and the object can be seen stereoscopically with actual distance feeling.
  • The angle of the Loupes can be adjusted between 0 degrees to 40 degrees with ease & fatigue is minimised even after prolonged use
  • 6mm up and down displacement. Pupil distance can be adjusted individually which could be suited for all kinds of faces
  • Smart design, convenient for mobile diagnosis.


Working Distance(mm) Field of view dia. (mm)
2.5X  340/420/460/500 80/100/110/120
3.0X  340/420/460/500 70/84/92/100
3.5X  340/420/460/500 60/72/78/84


SLH Binocular Loupe with head band

  • SLE binocular loupe with adjustable headband.
  • 2.5x is the most popular model. It offers the widest field of view and longest depth of focus.
  • 3.0x is designed for dentists who need more magnigication, which give you good field of view and depth of focus. 
  • 3.5x is the highest magnification available in Galilean Loupes, being suitable for specialist work within a smaller depth of view, and allows you to perform most dental procedures, such like cosmetic, crown and bridge etc..

SLE Binocular Loupe with headband & head light (fullset)

LED LIGHT with Binocular Loupe and Head Band-Imported


  •  Illumination Source: extremely bright light, 5W LED. Life 20000 hours continuous burn. 
  • Battery: 7.4V Lithium battery (rechargeable) 
  • Battery Run-time: >7 hours 
  • Voltage: 100VAC/ 240 VAC 
  • Maximum Power input: 15VA
  • Electrical Safety Standard: IEC60601.1 class II Type BF equipment.
  • Light Source: Our LED lamp without the heat of traditional Halogen headlight. With a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin, this light supplies bright, white, shadow-free light allowing the doctor to see tissue characteristics without distortion.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of operating the headlight using the rechargeable Lithium battery, can use without the direct power source. It is one of the most comfortable lightweight headlights and suitable for all kinds of surgery. 
  • The headlight could be used when it is charging. Has low-battery indicator light. 
  • Adapts to any Binocular Loupes of Zumax. 
  • Smart design, convenient for mobile diagnosis.

Handsfree Magnifier 1002

An extremely versatile and vital Inspection device for medical, diagnostic, research and general applicatios. Wherever good & clear magnification is needed with pin point accuracy.

⦁ Magnifying Loupes and Magnifiers are useful for highly accurate hair restoration procedures.
⦁ Designed for examinations and all types of surgical operations including Micro surgery.
⦁ Magnifiers are easy-to-use and meticulously accurate.

Handsfree Magnifier 1002 - Type 2

In Medical Applications, it is ideal for use in Gynaec cases & Ophthalmic procedures, Skin & Plastic Surgery, Suture removal, Minor surgeries, O.P.D. Procedures, Colony counting(Micro Biology). Illumination provided by internally fitted, imported white bright tube. Very handy for highly placed / complicated surgical work(both pre and Post Op.). Also useful for OPD Procedures, clear reading of small size print on any medical related references/ footnotes / contraindication on drug labels, etc.

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