Plastic surgery

Surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body

Radio Frequency Cautery ( RF Cautery )

The Technique of Radio Surgery involves the passages of high-Frequency radio waves through soft tissue to cut, coagulate, or remove the tissue. soft tissue resistance to these radio waves causes the cellular water in the soft tissue to heat, which produces steam, and results in the cellular molecular dissolution of individual tissue cells.


Magnifying Loupes and Magnifiers are useful for highly accurate hair restoration procedures. Designed for examinations and all types of surgical operations including Microsurgery. Magnifiers are easy-to-use and meticulously accurate.

Dermajet B1 Injector

Derma jet B1 is a simple instrument for intradermal infiltration of local anesthetics, steroids, vaccines, etc. Dermajet is versatile in applications, including minor surgical work in general anesthesia, vaccination, dermatology, etc. All applications related to intradermal infiltration of soluble drugs only since crystals in suspension will brock the jet’s orifice. It is used for alopecia treatment.

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