Micro Motor

The Marathon Champion motor tool offers plenty of power in a compact size. A super quiet motor runs up to 35,000 rpm with virtually no hand-piece vibration. Changing burs is fast and easy with its quick-release and stay secure in the 3-jaw chuck (3/32"). Hand-piece is well balanced and ultra-smooth running, even at high rpm's. Control unit features "power on" indicator and rubber feet on base to provide extra stability on your workbench. Variable speed control knob turns smoothly, allowing you to dial in the ideal motor speed for every project. Foot pedal operates as an On/Off switch, using the control knob for speed adjustment. The unit also has a Forward/Reverse direction selector.


Micro Motor

Outfit includes:

  •    Control Unit (has 6" x 4.5" footprint)
  •     Hand-piece (6.25" long; diameter at the centre is 1")
  •     Foot pedal
  •     Handpiece rest
  •     Spare motor brushes


  •  The ultra-smooth operation, up to 35,000 rpm
  •  Mount burs, brushes and abrasives with a simple twist of the handle
  • 110/220v operation
  • Compact and portable size.
  • Continuous variable speed control.
  • On/foot switch
  • One-touch change of the driving direction for efficient operation.
  • Ensuring smooth operation.
  • Possible to attach a contra.
  • Angle or Straight handpiece for the desired purpose.
  • Straight handpiece ES-6 or contra
  • Angle can be combined with E type motor optionally

Price: 20000 / Unit

Diamond Burs

  • Medium-size burs (cylindrical or conical) above 3mm & up to 6mm can be used up to 85% speed -20,000 RPM
  • Larger-size burrs (wheel or cylindrical) above 6mm dia. can be used up to 50% speed only- 12,000 RPM

Price: 1200 / Unit

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