Woods lamp

A Wood’s lamp examination is a procedure that uses transillumination (light) to detect bacterial or fungal skin infections. It also can detect skin pigment disorders such as vitiligo and other skin irregularities. This procedure can also be used to determine if you have a corneal abrasion (scratch) on the surface of your eye. This test is also known as the black light test or the ultraviolet light test.

Woods lamp

  • Woods Lamps are Portable comes with Twin ultra Violet tubes to induce fluorescence in Dermatoses and an additional extra white tube for Magnification. Both the lights can be operated separately.
  • Woods lamp is inexpensive and essential laboratory equipment.
  • It should be performed in a dark room & total darkness is also satisfactory.
  • The UV light tubes are commercially available and the emitted light is of lesser intensity (longer wave length) than the light absorbed.

Price: 7840 / Unit

Woods bulb

Black Light Bulb - For Woods Lamp

Price: 3500 / Unit

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