Cold light source with fiber optic headband system


The Surgical Operation Microscope Three Step is a surgical and diagnostic microscope, which is
adaptable for different surgical needs without compromise to performance. The microscope provides
extremely high optical image quality, good depth of focus and wide field of view for precise surgery.
Foot controls for focus, illumination control, tilt adjustment of the observation head help to reduce the
surgeon’s work fatigue and allow comfortable use over long period.

Cold light source BCF-011

Special Features

►Available with single/double outlet (Twin Bulb).

►Twin Bulb model to provide two lamps at an emergency time (built-in spare lamp).

►The front cable adaptor is suitable for KARL-STORZ Cable fitting.

►15V/150W & 24V/250W capacities are available in both single and twin outlet model.

►230V input and fuse capacity 1.5 to 2 amps. Intensity 60,000 to 80,000 Lux.

Fiber optic head band system - Prism

Special Features

►The F.O-012 features "Cold Light" which provides comfort over long periods of use by its light weight and there is no discomfort for the patient even at short working distances.

►Progressive IRISH Diaphragm for spot detection.

►Bright white light through PRISM without increase in temperature.

►Optics can be placed exactly between the observer's eyes for coaxial illumination and observation.

►Prism type head light increases the durability.

Light Spot Sizes

Working Distance

200 mm

300 mm

400 mm

Light Spot Diameter

12 -25 mm

20 - 60 mm

30 - 80 mm


Fibre optic cable

Optic fibre cable to connect the cold light source and headband.

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