Portable Puva


Handheld narrowband UVB (311nm) phototherapy device for psoriasis, vitiligo, and other skin disorders. Includes hair comb attachment for scalp treatment. 

  •   The comb is for the scalp and the comb teeth length can keep the correct irradiation distance, avoid the overheating to burn skin.
  • Compact and light, can be taken by patients themselves.
  • With high-intensity radiation and better treatment effect.
  • There are glisten-board in the radiation machine, can raise radiation rate.
  • Small & portable with lower price, just suitable for home us
  • Working voltage: AC220V 50HZ  E plug or AC 110V 60HZ Europe an alternative
  • Working distance: 3cm
  • Effective treatment area: 48 cm2


  • Faster clearing for vitiligo, psoriasis dermatitis
  • Drug-free, no side effect and risk.
  • More complete disease resolution
  • Comb for scalp


Treatment for –Vitiligo / Leucoderma / Psoriasis / Eczema

Wave Length- UVA -365nm (Long Wave), UVB – 311nm ( Narrow Band)

Lamp – UVB4W (UVA/4w or UVB/4w)

Black Light – FL4BL


  • Genital or facial area, skin folds, arm pits, scalp, finger nails, limited spot etc...
  • Easy to handle & hygienic to use.
  • Can be adjustable depending on area of lesions.
  • Supply Voltage 230V/50HZ fitted with compact UVB or UVA tubes.

    Use Goggle / Protective goggle (without see-through) to protect eyes while using in face/Lips. Joules will start reducing gradually while using. However, after some time, bulbs can be replaced to get once again the correct wave length.

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