Ear Piercing Gun

EXXL Classic is a Safe,  Hygienic and Gentle Ear Piercing system. EXXL earrings are manufactured in the USA and used by professionals worldwide. This piercing system ensures the safety and protection of its customers.

The EXXL system uses a "Hand Pressured" FDA Registered Class 1 medical device to deliver a piercing while eliminating the trauma of having a foreign object driven or shot into the body. 

The tip of the piercing post used by EXXL is honed to a surgical point and is not a crude piece of metal or a blunt stud. This makes the piercing process virtually pain free.

EXXL piercing earrings are guaranteed sterile until the blister packing is opened. Wire, needles or other materials do not carry that same guarantee.

Ear Piercing Kit-Model EXXL Classic


  • SAFE-STERILE-EASY-The only choice for Ear Piercing
  • Attractive acrylic display stand made in the USA.
  • An easy to use & reliable piercing system.
  • Ideal for quick painless & accurate ear piercing.
  • Solid construction enables trouble-free usage over a long period.
  • Hypoallergenic coating & an ultrafine point provides safety & comfort.
  • Hand pressured instrument. Not a gun. Provides a gentle precise piercing.
  • No adapters to change for other earring sizes. Simply load & pierce.

Price: 7280 / Unit

Ear Piercing Gun-Extra Studs

Ear piercing additional styles

Price: 550 / Unit

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