LED Head Light

LED-Head Light-Model LHL-3

  • Most noteworthy Medical Headlight or we can say Surgical LED Headlight allows the physician, surgeon, or dental professional to perform exams or procedures using powerful focused, high-intensity light while having both hands free
  • Furthermore, for hair ideal for ophthalmic, Hair transplant surgery, Epilation work with greater accuracy, ENT, micro dental, gynaec & dermatology even more. Specifically for Procedures of foreign particle removal (both general Applications and eye
  • Above all, it is very cost-effective, of the best quality even more. Besides that Surgical LED Headlight are of good use because doctors can perform their tasks easily in contrast to other lights. Hence resulting in a great product.
  • In a close vision, It is a valuable tool for doctors who work with binocular magnifier like dentists, lab-technicians, Hair transplant surgeons, jewellers, electronics assemblers, photographers, quality controllers, hobbyists, etc. because it helps a doctor to work effectively
  • Power Supply: 150-300 VAC, Battery: 7.2 Lithium Battery, Battery Run-time: 2.5 hoursPower 10 W, Fluctuation Distance: 12.5 mm, Diameter 20-80 mm,Portable

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